Well xD As i normally do, today i went on stardoll to find 3 messages from a weird girl
which i can't even remember accepting her friend request, telling me where i was and what
i was doing for the past 3 days O.O . Hold on, Who are you again xD ??
Im pretty sure it's one of my best friends :P Haha another weird thing is how did they
find our my username on stardoll 0.-- ?!
Though i don't really care, im curious to find out who is behind that account :P


Another thing is, i have a project for photography. Im supposed to take pictures of the same topic, edit them  blah blah.. My teacher needs atleast 20 photos. What topic should i choose :( ? I thought about fashion, but it would be weird going into shops taking photos. And i have to take them and not get some from the internet. I Need HELP!