Good & Bad News..

Heyy :)
well from the title.. i have good and bad news :'|
well i may go and have a sleepover at my friends far away beach house..
we wont have school and she said her family was going to spend their free time there so yea.. i may be going. The bad news is that i'll be too busy with bbq, cinema, karaoke (even though my voice
has nothing special xD).And i wont really go on, make graphics. Post here. Update..blah blah.
Which i can honestly say is very hard O.O, but i promise.. promise promise promise :) that when i get back
ill work twice as hard. For those who ordered graphics. Will get them right away. Its just not in the coming
4 days :(..

Good news is, My Couture Line will be released hopefully on valentines day :) I have much work left but who
cares :P its like verry long xD I've been working since december for this. ;D. The only work i have left is to
make some space / dresses for my club (OnlineFun) on stardoll. I made a Beauty Pageant there and the
winners' prize is to let them be one of my models. I Kept My Promise To Them :)

Oh Oh Oh.. AND during my sleepover :P i will take my macbook. so there is a big chance i'll post my NEW
tutorial about shading :)

And this might be the last post.. see talk to you guys on saaaturdayy :D
Baiii xD

Whoops, i  meant ..
xx Sarah