I Realized ..

People/Readers Whoever You Are xD
Im Disappointed -.- I did not make this blog so that you can just get back
to my suite and start sending me questions via gb and Doll mail.
I do notice that you are reading my blog. I have blog Stats ( a hidden counter which shows who is visiting
now/when, and how many times). And i don't really mind you asking me on stardoll.
But having this as a blog, i'd really appreciate it if you ask me in a comment. I WILL REPLY (:
And now i enabled anonymous comments. Please don't make me regret this with the bad attitude of
some in behaved anonymous people.

I don't want this to be, Well, a depressing post. So PLEASE Comment :D
And Tell Me, What would you like me to show you in our next tutorial ??
In comments please;D

Update : yea sorry i just got a message which says that there was a problem with comments.
Its fixed now (:

New Hair :D

Hiii There xD
Yes Soo.. :')
As You Can See I Already Added The Graphic Order And Tutorial Page Tab There ;D
AND, My First Tutorial Was Posted. And Im Going To Post My Before And After Hairs.

Before This Was How I Used To Make Hair :
Hmm.. Pretty Messy And Non Realistic.

Now This Is How My Hair Looks NOW :D :

Well I Agree, Its Not SOO Realistic, or OVERWHELMING. :P Its Just Better Now.
They May Look Similar In Shading, But Trust Me, DIFFERENT Technique !! 
Oh And Also I Started Watermarking My Graphics, And YES This Hair
Is The One I Presented As Example In The Tutorial. So To Make This Kind OF Hair
Go Check Out My Tut. !

Which Do You Like Most And Why ? ;]

Fresh Start

Okay so i know this blog used to be stardoll news blog.
Since it had an ending xD i figured why keep it there disappointing the
followers ?
On the other hand, i was planning on posting my graphics on a new blog. Which is such a waste of time letting people follow my new blog if there is one here.
So i changed the name, link, template, gadgets, Well.. EVERYTHING.
Its A New Blog. Fresh New Blog. And Im Willing To Keep It Running.
Deleted All Previous Posts. So Lets Say This Is My First (;

Hey Im Sarah. Im 14 Years Old. My Username On Stardoll Is TaylorRich.
Yes I Made It, The Reason It Doesn't Hold My Name Is Because I Wasn't
Sure About The Safety And Secure Privacy On Stardoll. And Since It Lasted
Almost 2 Years Now. Im Not Planning To Change It.

I Am A Graphic Designer. I Do Graphics About Stardoll Mostly. Though In Here
I'll Be Posting All My Graphics. (: And Get Back Here In The Future And Watch Myself

Ok Ok. I Got It. Boring Presentation XD

Here Is A Graphic I Did About 2 Months Ago But I Still Appreciate It :
Click To Enlarge !

Its a shoe. (Obviously) xD.

Inspiration : Google Image
Duration : 45 Minutes
Details : Mirror (:


This Is Practice For Drawing And Shading Clothes :

Click To Enlarge
Inspiration : Vivienne Westwood 
Duration : 10 Minutes (Only Clothing, Body Done Previously)
Details : Im Still Not Pleased With The Shading -_-
Plus, Shoeless, Headless xD Not Planning On Completing It Though ..

Oh & New Hair And Hair Tutorial Coming Soon.. Stay Tuned...
xx TaylorRich