Oh, Nasty Comments ? EssRox.

Hello Miss ' Unknown Hater ' Or Should I Say,, Known ?? 

Yes, i know who she is. And these series of comments came from the same
PC. oh yes. Not just that. From the owner of stardoll's graphic corner.
Wanna know how i concluded that ?? Oh it wasn't hard to figure out
a low life's prank.

The username is EssRox.
Days ago i visited her blog (Stardolls graphic corner)
And i saw her background. This is Her background :
Looks familiar ? The pose ? Hair ? Dress ??
Maybe because the pose and hair is made by Lily Rose ( Doinker_chic )
its on her blog. Click here to visit the page where it is there. ( Its the last post)
here is Lily made, Ess just flipped it to cover up, but no, im not that stupid.

Anyone can edit that ! Oh wait, i haven't forgot the dress.
Which was originally from DIOGUARDI COUTURE.
But She Also Flipped It, And Changed The Color, Stupid ??
Here's The Dress :
Why would she write those nasty comments ?
Well i commented on her post that she copied their graphics.
But NO, she doesn't want to be discovered so she DELETED IT.
And figured out my blog from my Google account, and came for revenge.
But this girl also copied MANY Other Graphics. I Just Have No Time To Go Through
The Shit She Makes.

I Am Not DELETING HER COMMENTS. Because i am confident that i make my own graphics.
She claims that i copy them. Well ok, come up you coward and tell me from where. If you don't
have an answer then get lost. And leave my blog alone from your dirty words.

[Click on each picture to enlarge.]

TaylorRich / Sarah x


EssRox said...

A friend of mine brought this to my attention.

I have a few things to say. Firstly, that is not me. Secondly, many people use my IP address so how can you know that I wrote it? Thirdly, I do NOT copy graphics. I have creativity skills which you obviously haven't figured out for yourself.

And besides, If I have something to say, I say it without being anonymous because I'm not that pathetic.

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

How can you prove its not you ?
And are ALL THE PEOPLE who use your IP address hate me ?
Im pretty sure i don't have haters beside you, if you do so. OH REALLY ? You didn't copy the above ? You copied RazorKissedLips's Graphic. No matter how much you lie its pretty OBVIOUS. Stop lying because it won't get you anywhere.

I guess copiers can be that pathetic.

EssRox said...

I have internet at school. There are over 900 students and 75% of them have Stardoll accounts.
You'd be surprised by the number of haters people can have.
If you're so narrow minded, you would realize that I didn't copy Emily's stuff because I wrote PROOF.

Stop accusing because it won't get you anywhere.
I guess accusers are that pathetic.

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

Well im sure that the stardoll community including whoever has a stardoll account in your school don't hate me or show hate. And if YOU DID make those graphics 100% then why did you delete my comment.

Im not that low to accuse someone im not sure of.
And alot of people accuse right. Do you call them pathetic too ? Oh well im sorry. I don't insult people in general like you do.

EssRox said...

You'd be surprised. In case you can't read. It's says a NOTE on the image.

Sure about that?
Insult others? Pssh, more of your style not mine.

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

What NOTE ??
Oh yea ?? you insulted al pathetic people. whereas i insulted you.

Hard to understand ?
Well i don't want to fight so stop writing nasty comments and claiming my graphics aren't original.


EssRox said...


As if I could be bothered.
Let's get this straight, you were the one who started it.
I never said your graphics weren't yours, obviously an anonymous did.

So Ciao.

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

I did not bother looking at other graphics other than the background. Ok i read the 'Note'. Only on other graphics though.

I commented and i did say that i wasen't offending you and i have nothing to do with this. RIGHT ? in the first comment. Then you deleted it ? May i please know why ?

Ok SORRY for exposing. And if it was you who wrote the anonymous comments please stop.

I really don't want to fight. Sorry

Anonymous said...

I cant believe someone would be so low as to copy someone else's graphics, don't they know how long graphics take???

EssRox said...

I deleted your comment because I don't like people accusing me of things.



Get a life and grow some.
I know how long it takes to make a graphic. For me it can take HOURS!

Sapphire♥ said...

@EssRox. Hell. Your Icon is a stolen graphic. You stole it from Emily, did a little editing and claimed it as your own. If you can't draw, get over it, not everyone is super talented at graphics. And please stop the facade about you not stealing, when you clearly are. Thanks.