Not Here..

Yes obviously i won't be here  (Posting on this blog)  Or on stardoll for some time.
If i have the time i'll go on to check my mail. And probably sign out.

Well im caught up with school, life, school again. Wattpad, And yea..
Google wattpad for more info. It's a site.

A wall is being built between me and photoshop :( I haven't opened it in a while..
I'll be gone for atleast a week. Sorry for people who wanted stuff. Im so sorry, so so so so so sorry. :(
Im having less time these days.

My exams are approaching and sooner than i thought they will. I better raise my grades .. or else.
My friend will be checking stardoll when she can. I WONT be me so don't get her into stuff.
Be nice :)

If you see me on skype (My real one not stardoll one ) then its either im not there but it's automatically open or im skyping with my sister which is very far away right now.

Please understand. I'll miss all great people ..
Sarah x