Did'ya miss me ?? and my daily posts ?? (;
Anywhoo xD yea i had a great time. Sadly i have
a school project to work on now -.-
but that DOESN'T take time from me posting :P

Soo i guess you all heard about stardoll's 'Valentines Pass'
well yes i was in need of that offer so i used it :D
and have you heard of the 5 gifts ?'em :D

Though i have noticed one of them, i was pretty sure i've seen it before.
Till i got a flashback at Wooldoor's Blog :D yepp if you don't know her
shes a graphic artist too, yet better (; to Visit her blog click here.
Now what i remember was that she posted a dress from the new DKNY collection.
They were pretty much the same on how much i imagined. and they even are more when you
come to see it ! She did post it. To see her post click here.

This is the stardoll version :

And Wooldoor's Version :

DKNY real life version :

How nice :D
Thats All i have for today :) + i'll make sure i post the graphics from the people who asked. Maybe later.

ahh.. im tired. Byee xD



copycat said...

i already see this on another blog.
u copy ppls stuff

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

Ok. You do realize that i CAN see from which computer you are opening ?? and it's all from one pc so get lost.

I don't 'copy stuff' and i know that. So if you said you saw it on another blog then TELL ME WHICH BLOG ? Afraid To ?? Afraid To Expose Your True Identity ?

Oh Well. Im not 'Low' like you.

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

Ohh. And who cares which blog ??
I found out myself. Does that bother you ? then don't read this blog. im pretty sure i didn't invite any 'No life - losers' to read it.