Layout :S

UPDATE : Got a new one and it's much better right ?? :) (The grey one atm)
I decided to change my blog layout every month or two. If you want to show me
one for next month then im here xD

My old (wonderful) layout just seems to have a problem :S
i got a new one for the time till i find something nice.
I HATE THIS ONE :S Its 'Okayy'

Sorry, I know you'll be surprised by what you see haha
Just thought letting you know xx
New Makeup tut. 
2 parts and they are Prettyy Big O.O
So if you want normal hard to see sizes XD Click on the pictures.
If you want to see Huge clear sizes and very zoomed :P Click the links here :

Seriously , Don't you think its big xD ??

Eye !

UPDATE : Laptop restarted and now photoshop won't open -.-
Till i find out whats up with it //
I'll use gimp for the entries ..

Posted ALOT Today :)
Here is my first attempt to draw an eye :O 
This is non stardoll-ish xD Its digital art.
I HATE the eye lashes :P
But hey, its good for a first try ??
Real version :

Im so Happy :)
I got alot of entries today :D like,, 6 ?
Thank you xD

Sarah xx

New Hair :D

:) Not perfect, Not my best.
But im happy with it XD
Oh and if you haven't realized yet..
I Love Short Hair :O <3

Tried to make it straight this time :P
And i didn't want bangs but yeaa.. they came by themselves xD


Banner For MakeupBerries

Makeup Berries ordered this through the form on my 'Graphics Order Form' page.

Its watermarked until she pays :) I'll post original once she does.
Here is the dress, Made by me :D :

Global Group's First Spoiler

Global Group Spoiler. To Visit Click Here.
Made By Me xD 
Model - .Pease. / Linnea

Oh yes xD Feedback ?

TaylorRich / Sarah x

Christian Dior

This If From The Christian Dior Spring 2011 Collection.
I Chose Four Nice Ones. There Was Also A Red Dress But I Had 
Problems Posting The Picture Here xD
I Love Them :P
I Love The Model Hairstyles Too :)

Taylorrich / Sarah x

Oh, Nasty Comments ? EssRox.

Hello Miss ' Unknown Hater ' Or Should I Say,, Known ?? 

Yes, i know who she is. And these series of comments came from the same
PC. oh yes. Not just that. From the owner of stardoll's graphic corner.
Wanna know how i concluded that ?? Oh it wasn't hard to figure out
a low life's prank.

The username is EssRox.
Days ago i visited her blog (Stardolls graphic corner)
And i saw her background. This is Her background :
Looks familiar ? The pose ? Hair ? Dress ??
Maybe because the pose and hair is made by Lily Rose ( Doinker_chic )
its on her blog. Click here to visit the page where it is there. ( Its the last post)
here is Lily made, Ess just flipped it to cover up, but no, im not that stupid.

Anyone can edit that ! Oh wait, i haven't forgot the dress.
Which was originally from DIOGUARDI COUTURE.
But She Also Flipped It, And Changed The Color, Stupid ??
Here's The Dress :
Why would she write those nasty comments ?
Well i commented on her post that she copied their graphics.
But NO, she doesn't want to be discovered so she DELETED IT.
And figured out my blog from my Google account, and came for revenge.
But this girl also copied MANY Other Graphics. I Just Have No Time To Go Through
The Shit She Makes.

I Am Not DELETING HER COMMENTS. Because i am confident that i make my own graphics.
She claims that i copy them. Well ok, come up you coward and tell me from where. If you don't
have an answer then get lost. And leave my blog alone from your dirty words.

[Click on each picture to enlarge.]

TaylorRich / Sarah x


NOH8 is a real life organization against hate. Hate of any kind.(:
SD NOH8 Is Also Available where they try to help anyone with their problems.
Click here to visit the site.

I Made This For 'You Upload' :

Click It To Enlarge

Not too pleased although i googled the real picture :P
Im better at making my own poses xD
xx TaylorRich
Well xD As i normally do, today i went on stardoll to find 3 messages from a weird girl
which i can't even remember accepting her friend request, telling me where i was and what
i was doing for the past 3 days O.O . Hold on, Who are you again xD ??
Im pretty sure it's one of my best friends :P Haha another weird thing is how did they
find our my username on stardoll 0.-- ?!
Though i don't really care, im curious to find out who is behind that account :P


Another thing is, i have a project for photography. Im supposed to take pictures of the same topic, edit them  blah blah.. My teacher needs atleast 20 photos. What topic should i choose :( ? I thought about fashion, but it would be weird going into shops taking photos. And i have to take them and not get some from the internet. I Need HELP! 



Did'ya miss me ?? and my daily posts ?? (;
Anywhoo xD yea i had a great time. Sadly i have
a school project to work on now -.-
but that DOESN'T take time from me posting :P

Soo i guess you all heard about stardoll's 'Valentines Pass'
well yes i was in need of that offer so i used it :D
and have you heard of the 5 gifts ?'em :D

Though i have noticed one of them, i was pretty sure i've seen it before.
Till i got a flashback at Wooldoor's Blog :D yepp if you don't know her
shes a graphic artist too, yet better (; to Visit her blog click here.
Now what i remember was that she posted a dress from the new DKNY collection.
They were pretty much the same on how much i imagined. and they even are more when you
come to see it ! She did post it. To see her post click here.

This is the stardoll version :

And Wooldoor's Version :

DKNY real life version :

How nice :D
Thats All i have for today :) + i'll make sure i post the graphics from the people who asked. Maybe later.

ahh.. im tired. Byee xD


Good & Bad News..

Heyy :)
well from the title.. i have good and bad news :'|
well i may go and have a sleepover at my friends far away beach house..
we wont have school and she said her family was going to spend their free time there so yea.. i may be going. The bad news is that i'll be too busy with bbq, cinema, karaoke (even though my voice
has nothing special xD).And i wont really go on, make graphics. Post here. Update..blah blah.
Which i can honestly say is very hard O.O, but i promise.. promise promise promise :) that when i get back
ill work twice as hard. For those who ordered graphics. Will get them right away. Its just not in the coming
4 days :(..

Good news is, My Couture Line will be released hopefully on valentines day :) I have much work left but who
cares :P its like verry long xD I've been working since december for this. ;D. The only work i have left is to
make some space / dresses for my club (OnlineFun) on stardoll. I made a Beauty Pageant there and the
winners' prize is to let them be one of my models. I Kept My Promise To Them :)

Oh Oh Oh.. AND during my sleepover :P i will take my macbook. so there is a big chance i'll post my NEW
tutorial about shading :)

And this might be the last post.. see talk to you guys on saaaturdayy :D
Baiii xD

Whoops, i  meant ..
xx Sarah

Shoes xD

Heh.. New Graphic.
Truth is, i made a previous one, and i loved it soo much :)<3
But Sadly it didn't save well (Yea i should double check next time xD)
And i worked very hard.. and all the effort was wasted. Now like many people
with the same issue, i lost appetite in doing the same one over again. :P BUT I DID
i did not put same effort obviously, the pose seems weird here :p but i still like it.

I made it for fun though,
Here is the shaded version : 
 And The Non-Shaded Version :

What Do You Think ?? :D