New Hair :D

Hiii There xD
Yes Soo.. :')
As You Can See I Already Added The Graphic Order And Tutorial Page Tab There ;D
AND, My First Tutorial Was Posted. And Im Going To Post My Before And After Hairs.

Before This Was How I Used To Make Hair :
Hmm.. Pretty Messy And Non Realistic.

Now This Is How My Hair Looks NOW :D :

Well I Agree, Its Not SOO Realistic, or OVERWHELMING. :P Its Just Better Now.
They May Look Similar In Shading, But Trust Me, DIFFERENT Technique !! 
Oh And Also I Started Watermarking My Graphics, And YES This Hair
Is The One I Presented As Example In The Tutorial. So To Make This Kind OF Hair
Go Check Out My Tut. !

Which Do You Like Most And Why ? ;]


PinkyPie15 said...

Hey Sarah :] I like them both, but I have a suggestion. When you create hair, make the top of the head a bit higher. I'm an Art and Visual Design (Graphics) student and when creating the human face, the eyes are placed half-way down the head. So extend the top of the head a little, so it looks like the eyes are halfway down :] Congratulations on your fantastic designs - I especially love the red shoes! xx Holly

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

Thank You, So THATS Whats Wrong xD
Hopefully I Improve In This Issue :D xx

Anonymous said...

ur shadin is crap and ur hair looks too flat

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

I know who you are, i know exactly who you are, your just afraid to tell your true identity are you ?

Stay away hater. Im original. i may use inspirations but i don't steal people's graphics and edit them like you.