I Realized ..

People/Readers Whoever You Are xD
Im Disappointed -.- I did not make this blog so that you can just get back
to my suite and start sending me questions via gb and Doll mail.
I do notice that you are reading my blog. I have blog Stats ( a hidden counter which shows who is visiting
now/when, and how many times). And i don't really mind you asking me on stardoll.
But having this as a blog, i'd really appreciate it if you ask me in a comment. I WILL REPLY (:
And now i enabled anonymous comments. Please don't make me regret this with the bad attitude of
some in behaved anonymous people.

I don't want this to be, Well, a depressing post. So PLEASE Comment :D
And Tell Me, What would you like me to show you in our next tutorial ??
In comments please;D

Update : yea sorry i just got a message which says that there was a problem with comments.
Its fixed now (:


Anonymous said...

Yes we couldnt cmment before and thanks taylor for accepting anonymous cmments because i dont have a account:D

TaylorRich / Sarah said...

Your welcome :)
Yes i didn't know xD Should have checked sorry :$